Research topics

Thanks to the different expertise of its members, LCS covers many research areas related to the use of chiral and achiral catalysts and to the development of innovative stereoselective synthetic methods. LCS researchers are active in all three “pillars” of the modern catalysis, namely organometallic catalysis, biocatalysis and organocatalysis, but are also interested in recyclable catalysts, technology-driven catalysis, catalysts for sensors, catalysis in alternative solvents and are always willing to expand the vision and take on new research topics.

Organometallic catalysis and catalysts for sensors

Design and synthesis of organometallic catalysts – Heterogeneization of homogeneous catalysts – Mechanistic studies for process optimization – Catalytic sensors

Metal-free catalysis and biocatalysis

Organocatalysis – Design and synthesis of new metal-free catalysts – Biocatalysis – Immobilization of metal-free catalytic systems - Development of multistep catalytic synthetic strategies

Recyclable catalysts

Technology-driven catalysis

Catalysis in alternative solvents